How Do Content Marketing and SEO Work Together?

How Do Content Marketing and SEO Work Together

Here’s providing an analysis of how content marketing and SEO work together. Both these components of online marketing are often pitted against each as adversaries. Understanding how both these aspects work, provides an insight into how they are actually inter-related and by no means competing with each other. SEO and content marketing are linked and there is no one winner.

The web world, for a while now, has been abuzz with constant comparisons between SEO and content marketing and whether one or rather which is more powerful than the other. There are headlines and oft-repeated articles about how content marketing is taking over SEO and almost killing it. Story after story about how SEO is on its deathbed has been floating around.

However, the questions to ask are- is this a fact? Are SEO and content marketing even competing with each other? Or is it all just hype?

Any credible marketing agency providing SEO will be able to set the record straight. Content marketing and SEO are not competitors; rather, they are inter-linked marketing tools that need to be used in tandem to achieve the best possible online marketing results.

Any marketing strategy that is enterprise focused will recognize the fact that both SEO and content marketing are integral and key components that should be incorporated side-by-side for maximum benefit.

Let’s look at it this way- while content is crucial to marketing, it’s no use if it’s not discoverable on the web. No matter what you write and how well it is written, eventually it has to be optimized in order for it to be seen. In a lot of ways, it would be correct to say that in today’s times what we are essentially looking at is not content marketing and SEO separately but rather something called content optimization.

The term very clearly pertains to great content that, when optimized, will fulfill all the goals of a successful online marketing campaign right from visibility, traffic and conversion.

In order to get the most out of these two together, it is important to combine creativity with performance. Content that is well written but poorly optimized will go unnoticed and at the same time bad content, even if optimized well, will not be of much use.

So, coming back to the original answers, there is no one winner between content marketing and SEO. There is no competition and anyone who knows anything about online marketing will validate this fact.

One of the mistakes that a lot of marketers make is gravitating towards one approach:
A) Either- all SEO or,
B) The other- more, more, more content.

Both these approaches are flawed, and fundamentally so. Just more content is of no use unless you make it meaningful, relevant and findable.

The goal should be to integrate content marketing and SEO, use thoughtful creation of content for targeted audiences as part of the process to inspire action.

The dynamic and highly competitive web world of today requires thoughtful planning and smart integration in order to survive and succeed. SEO and content marketing are no different.

Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be described as the art and science of getting your website at first page of Google search result. With the billions of web pages live on the web and more going live every day, if you want your site to be found then you need more than just luck. All you need is solid and consistent SEO campaign.

Good search engine optimization is about understanding how search engine sites “think” and then faithfully following a set of effective and persistent best practices to get you where you need to be. If you are looking for free search engine optimization tips and tricks, here they are:

1. Start with the end in mind.

Before starting out your SEO campaign, you need to choose which set of keywords you want to target and optimize for your website. Proper keyword selection is a must. You need to pick keywords that are relevant, fresh, and unique and have low competition so that you will have a bigger chance to dominate the market.

2. Create quality, fresh and informative content regularly.

Search engines love to give out the right content to the right people at the right time. If you post good, interesting and brief information, search engines will truly love you.

3. Keyword-optimize your content

You need to make sure that every page of your site is well-optimized. Choose one or two keywords per page of your site and make each page all about those keywords. But, avoid “keyword stuffing” your site because it will just consider you as a spam.

4. Build a tool or widget that consumer find truly valuable

This is like number 2 above. You can create important beneficial, unique online calculator, game, dictionary etc. It must be interactive. If it’s good, people will link to it and often use it.

5. Create backlinks for your site

You need to keep in mind the SEO is all about backlinks. The greater your backlinks are, the more high-PageRank you will have and the more popular you will be in your category.

6. Measure, measure, measure

SEO is all about being able to measure how you are doing, week to week and month to month. You can install good analytics package to keep track of the visits to your site. Check your rankings at least once per month and take note if you are improving and where.

Following these tips consistently and properly will help you increase your rankings and optimize your keywords on your chosen field. Keep in mind, every thousand-mile journey starts with a first step. You need to learn these free search engine optimization tips, take time practicing them, and for sure you will get on your way to higher rankings.

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